Written Words


Written Words

Selected words, essays and articles.

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weight - short story

Published in The Bookends Review, September 2018.
"It is too hot for a sweater, but I can’t reach the clasp on the back of my dress to close it; so fuck it, I’m wearing a sweater. I try to tell myself that drinking more gin and tonics will keep me cool and not make me look like a lush at a baby shower. I shuffle in my seat and sip my drink...”

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To Make it as a writer, i needed to start calling myself one - essay

Published in Reel Honey, June 2018.
"A blank page. The pulse of the cursor as I wait for the words to form. Me, staring back at the bright white document, gleeful and filled with anticipation. My fingers begin to tap on the keys; they take on a life of their own as the story unfolds…”

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Published in Toronto Life Magazine, January 2015.
"I grew up the product of a no-strings arrangement: in 1986, my mom found herself single, in her mid-30s and wanting to have a baby. She decided she’d raise a child on her own, and asked a co-worker if he’d help her conceive; they did it the old-fashioned way…”